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A Memory in a Song

A Mither
Full Moon on a Cloudy Night
Forward Looking
Greeting My Grandfather
At the Eleventh Hour
Mary's Sang
The Funeral
My Faither's Words
Fallen Angel
Newbigging Road
Quean for a Day
The Booncin Baa
A Winter Dawn
Men at Work
The Milestane
Biggar Kirk
Brownsbank Cottage
Nuala's Art
Tweed at Peebles
On Biggar Pond
Fowre Haiku oan the Beach
Yr Wyddfa
Thelma Cann
Old Acquaintance
Philip Pullman
The Dooble Rainbae
Ten Haiku from Whitecastle Hill
Medwyn Below Greenshields
Sclimbin the Knock
Whaup Eggs
Wha made this road?


A new generation comes up that will know them not, except as a memory in a song, they passed with the things that seemed good to them with loves and desires that grow dim and alien in the days to be.  It was the old Scotland that perished then, and we may believe that never again will the old speech and the old songs, the old curses and the old benedictions, rise but with alien effort to our lips.

 Lewis Grassic Gibbon: Sunset Song

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